Sourcing a 7m long oak trunk in Wicklow

Brian Mac Domhnaill

For Phase 3 of The Pallasboy Project we would once again need a freshly felled tree. We chanced our arm and got back on the phone to our friend David Brabazon in County Wicklow.  This time we were looking for a straight 7m long oak tree c. 70cm in diameter. Finding such a specimen nowadays is a tall order (I’ll get my coat), but David, an enthusiastic supporter of our project, was willing to help. There were some trees due to be harvested on land in Laragh near Glendalough and his contractor Paddy Purser had identified a specimen that might suit our needs. So in November 2017 I set out to inspect the tree and give it my seal of approval (It was already sporting a bright orange spray paint tick of approval). It was felled the following day and made its way to Killruddery Estate where our woodwork would begin in December.


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