Mark Griffiths, Orla-Peach Power, Brian Mac Domhnaill, Dr. Benjamin Gearey


Dr. Benjamin Gearey

Benjamin is Lecturer in Environmental Archaeology in the Department of Archaeology, UCC (appointed October 2012). He specialises and has published widely, on the archaeology of wetland (especially peatland) environments in Ireland and further afield. His research interests also include the interface of archaeology with other disciplines and recently, with the visual arts: he was a member of the international Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) funded ‘Iconoclasms’ network which was closely involved with the exhibition of the same name at the Tate Gallery, London, 2014 and co-wrote a chapter in the related publication.

Mark Griffiths

Mark has been creating, and restoring wooden artefacts for over thirty years, has run his own studios for the past twenty and also lectures at the University of Brighton in both the Craft and Design and Fashion and Textiles Departments. He has worked alongside historical societies on research into aspects of medieval woodworking, most recently in the construction and production of longbows. His own work has been shown at several exhibitions, including, on consecutive years, the prestigious ‘Celebration of Craftsmanship exhibition’ held annually in Cheltenham. Over the years he has written numerous articles for various craft publications, and has acted as technical adviser for two television production companies. 

Brian Mac Domhnaill BA MSc MA

Brian is Cork-based arts administrator, photographer and archaeologist. He holds a BA Degree in Archaeology and Celtic Civilisation (University College Cork 1997), an MSc in Palaeoecology (Queens University Belfast 2002) and an MA in Art & Process (Crawford College of Art & Design 2014). After his primary degree he spent 14 years working on archaeological projects in over 15 counties throughout Ireland. During this time he specialised in surveying, historic building recording and project management. In 2012 he began a second career in arts administration and has since provided freelance arts administration and technical services for local organisations such as the Sirius Arts Centre, Backwater Artists Group, the Cork French Film Festival and the Cork City Council Arts Office. Through his primarily photographic art practice he uses a multi-disciplinary approach, exploring subjects such as archiving, material culture, absence and affect.

Original line-up including Caitríona Moore:

Dr. Benjamin Geary, Caitríona Moore, Mark Griffiths, Brian Mac Domhnaill
Dr. Benjamin Gearey, Caitríona Moore, Mark Griffiths, Brian Mac Domhnaill (Day 3 of crafting)


Caitríona Moore BA MA

Caitríona is an established specialist within Irish wetland archaeology and specialises in the recording and analysis of waterlogged archaeological wood. Her interests include the archaeology and environment of raised bogs and wetlands, ancient wood technology from the Neolithic to the Medieval period, and the manufacture and deposition of wooden objects. Major projects include assemblages of wooden artefacts from an early medieval habitation at Ballykean Bog, Co. Offaly, Iron Age structures at Edercloon, Co. Longford and Annaholty, Co. Tipperary, early medieval mills in Cos. Roscommon and Waterford and a late Viking / medieval site at Barronstrand St., Waterford. In 2012-13 she was employed as Assistant Director and on-site wood specialist at Drumclay Crannóg, Co. Fermanagh. In 2006 she directed the excavation of a raised bog trackway complex at Edercloon, Co. Longford, a monograph on which is in publication. Prior to this she was a member of the IAWU and undertook several licensed surveys of Bord na Móna bogs. In 2011 she was a senior member of a major review of archaeological policy relating to Bord na Móna peatlands and in 2010 co-authored a staged review of the implementation and operation of NRA guidelines in relation to wetland archaeological heritage. Since 2001 Caitríona has presented at conferences and published her work in a range of outputs.


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